Walk to End Elder Abuse

Join us on June 15th, World Elder Abuse Awareness Day, for a free walk and rally. Together we can end elder abuse.

On June 15th at noon, more than 100 people will be sending out a unified message through social media to spread our message even further. Please join us by clicking the link below and signing up with the social media account of your choice. If we raise our voices together, we can bring elder abuse out of the shadows.


Elder abuse is any action or inaction by that causes harm to an older person. This includes emotional, physical, sexual and financial abuse as well as neglect. Elder abuse is often committed by a person in a position of trust such as a family member, friend or caregiver and is complicated by many factors including family dynamics and the fact that elder abuse is often a hidden secret.  

It is estimated that elder abuse affects over 695,000 older Canadians, including 9,000 in the City of Calgary. Calgary Police Service, carya and Kerby Centre work collaboratively to protect these victims and address elder abuse in our city.

Every year on June 15th, the world recognizes victims of elder abuse and works to raise awareness about this important issue. As part of our ongoing partnership, carya, Kerby Centre and the Calgary Police Service are planning a Walk to End Elder Abuse followed by a rally of support to build awareness. We hope you will join us at this free event.